Goldvision Software - Document File Image Management


VP+ - VisionPak-Plus           Level-One of the VisionPak Tool Sets

Overview:   VisionPak-Plus [VP+] is the first-level expansion of the basic GoldVisionPro features. This expansion adds Intelli-Group, and a variety of Intelli-Utilities for file manipulation and indexing items, enabling Administrators to view, manage and create reports of link information. The VisionPak-Plus tool Set is the prerequisite for the advanced-level VisionPak-Xtended expansion.



Intelli-Group provides the connection for quickly and easily data mining your system for new marketing opportunities. It also facilitates managing time-sensitive correspondence.

Intelli-Group automatically creates a GoldMine Contact Group based on the links selected in the VisionPak tab, retrieved from any search criteria. This powerful feature enables you to use GoldVisionPro to search by any document information [e.g., "Thank you for purchasing xxxx"] and then immediately create a GoldMine Contact Group for the Contacts of those documents. These Contact Groups can be used for a wide variety of GoldMine activities/campaigns. All your document information now becomes a marketing tool for cross-selling!